We're fiveLocal Food Hub is a nonprofit organization that provides access to nutritious, locally farm sourced food for everyone. After five years, we’re still a thriving distribution network for local food, but we are also so much more: a leader in the farm to school movement, a donor to regional food banks, a guide for businesses, a resource for farmers, and a catalyst for fresh ideas for how our community feeds itself.

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donate2013_5Our Farm to School Program puts fresh, local fruits and vegetables on lunch trays across Central Virginia. Today we work with more than 50 public schools in six districts.

donate2013_2We believe that everyone deserves equal access to healthy food grown in our region—regardless of income level or ability.

donate2013_2Local Food Hub connects farms, families, and food grown close to home. Our services enable restaurants, grocery stores, and small businesses to serve local food to their customer base: you!

Local Food Hub is a community supported nonprofit — that means we rely on the generosity of foundations,
businesses, and people like you to keep our programming going.
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